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Feature adapted from Short: Stage Fright

If you are in LA and have an interest in filmmaking, you should go to this!


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Last chance to show mom you love her! Check out NCIS:LA star @reneefelicesmith ‘s “Yo, Mommy” featured on funnyordie.com  http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/80li

Bad Lip Reading of the Spirit Awards Best Screenplay nominees. Better than every bit at this years Oscars combined.

The 4th Annual Fangirl Awards

Fangirl Award Nominations are out, voted on by the Fangirl Academy, made up of over 100 Fangirls! Winners announced a week from today. 

Sneak peak:

Best Picture
The Avengers
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Cabin in the Woods
Django Unchained
Life of Pi
Moonrise Kingdom
Silver Linings Playbook
Zero Dark Thirty
Favorite Comic Series
Captain Marvel
I love us :)



Oh, shit, the categories this year are rough.

Platonic chemistry is going to kill me.

Established characterization is clearly between Hulk and Catwoman and how can I cope with that.


Hawkguy vs Saga. Oh no oh no oh no.

It’s gonna be brutal.


Fuck Yes
04/12/2013 Brooklyn, NY Nitehawk Cinema04/12/2013 Los Angeles, CA Los Feliz 304/12/2013 New York, NY Village East04/19/2013 Boulder, CO Boedecker Theater04/19/2013 Columbus, OH Gateway Film Center04/19/2013 Denver, CO Sie Film Center04/19/2013 Palm Desert, CA Cinemas Palme d Or04/19/2013 Seattle, WA SIFF Film Center04/26/2013 Portland, OR Hollywood Theatre


Fuck Yes
04/12/2013 Brooklyn, NY Nitehawk Cinema
04/12/2013 Los Angeles, CA Los Feliz 3
04/12/2013 New York, NY Village East
04/19/2013 Boulder, CO Boedecker Theater
04/19/2013 Columbus, OH Gateway Film Center
04/19/2013 Denver, CO Sie Film Center
04/19/2013 Palm Desert, CA Cinemas Palme d Or
04/19/2013 Seattle, WA SIFF Film Center
04/26/2013 Portland, OR Hollywood Theatre


Viciously Optimistic - Why I Love THE CABIN IN THE WOODS


My dad just asked me, after viewing the movie, “how could every country have failed?” and it prompted me to explain why I don’t see the end of the film as being quite so bleak as it seems.

In every scenario, humanity overcame the evil they were faced with. With varying degrees of success, maybe, and not without considerable struggle and suffering, but in ever single nightmare scenario, humanity overcame.

Unleashing monolith death bringers is certainly going to put the world through a certain kind of hell, but they got put underground before, why not again?

What the end of the movie could easily signify is humanity’s chance to deserve their place on Earth, to earn it. Not without struggle and suffering and some pretty substantial losses to life, infrastructure and environmental sustainability, but you know, we’re kinda fucking all that up on our own.

Anyway, I think the ending to THE CABIN IN THE WOODS is more hopeful than the giant hand of fiery rock crash through the earth and enveloping the camera in darkness would lead us to believe.

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This is eons better than any GIRLS parody has the right to be. Love love love it. Also, SO ACCURATE. Ugh, LA, you’re killing me.


Win this awesome off the shoulder women’s Angry Birds Star Wars/Stand Up 2 Cancer shirt on All Things Fangirl!!


Win this awesome off the shoulder women’s Angry Birds Star Wars/Stand Up 2 Cancer shirt on All Things Fangirl!!


Functional fashion based on comic books & video games

Ohmygod I want that Assassin’s Creed one.

Admire the rest here

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These are photos from a new project I’m starting in response to the “Fake Geek Girls” buzz that’s been going around.

“All Geeks are Real Geeks” or the “Nothing to Prove” project. This is just a simple project I’m working on to help give all cosplayers of any gender, shape, size, color, etc. the confidence they need to do something they love. 

All Geeks are Real Geeks, because everybody starts somewhere, and there is no person in the world that has the right to tell anybody else what they can and can’t be.

I took photos of cosplayers at Ikkicon VII, holding up a small sign that reads “Nothing to Prove! All geeks are real geeks.”

I plan on continuing this project at more conventions I attend, and I hope this helps give people the confidence they need to cosplay. Because cosplay is for everybody. And the Nerd Culture is for everybody. And guess what?

It doesn’t matter what other people say.

wow this is a really great idea!! I kinda wish I could have posed for one of these pics because that would have been totally awesome